Mr. Moonlight Slim

Chase not the praise of others
seek only the affirmation of self
as you keep an eye out
for anytime you think
you’ve got things
figured out

as you constantly
create yourself
you may yet switch
names like you do
different hats
adopting shapes to match

but all the while
the stars align with
Slim the crescent moon
smiling in night
you are they
and they are you

a bluesman, true
born of the southern
American swamps
singing, dancing
for the coming
light of the sun
up the road, knowing
remembering all is
but one

Published by

Jude Moonlight

The story begins with a girl. She looks, casts one glance in the mirror and is gone no sooner than she arrives, her voice but a whisper echoing down the street, leaving the hero alone in the cold night wearing an old pair of boots, a Spanish knife in his pocket, a beat-up guitar strapped ‘cross his back and a rose in his ear. His name is Jude Moonlight. Not long ago, after leaving Death Valley, he released an album, which he called ‘My Mom Loves This Album’. He recorded it under a name we've all used before. It’s the one I’m using to write the book. Anyway Jude thinks he’s some kind of mystic. Always hanging out by old cathedrals and singing songs for St. Michael the Archangel, talking about the Devil being Man and God being a woman. He’s gone nuts if you ask me, ever since he went on that trip with Cal Corso. ~J.L. Quinby