Questions of Escape 

Is seeing a film or reading a book really a means of getting away from our own lives, or is it a more subtle manner in which to view our lives through the experiences of other people, regardless of whether or not that experience is fictional?

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Travel Log: Yellowstone

Ren Michael - Grand Prismatic Spring - Grand Prismatic - Yellowstone National Park - Yellowstone - National Park - Quinby & Co.

“I recalled the sirens of Greek mythology, who with their enchanting voices lure sailors to their own shipwrecked doom on the sirens’ rocky shores.”

Alternative Top-Ten: National Parks Edition

Arches National Park - Utah - Park Avenue - National Parks - Quinby & Co.

This list is less about the potential for sightseeing and more about experience.  Specifically my own.  I suspect the list will change over time, but I wouldn’t have it any other way..

The Redemptive Power of Classical Music

Salzburg at Dusk - Austria - Hohensalzburg Fortress - Ren Michael - Quinby & Co.

“I’ve always found music to have healing powers…”

Travel Log: General Sherman

General Sherman - General Sherman Tree - Sequoia National Park - Sequoia - California - National Park - Quinby & Co.

A personal story about a man’s first encounter with the biggest, and one of the oldest trees in the world.

Talking About Political Correctness

Quinby & Co. - USA - Map - Political Correctness

The growing consensus seems to be that everybody everywhere takes everything so personal all the time. Is it true, or possibly just in our heads?

Books: On Tyranny

On Tyranny - Book - Timothy Snyder - Quinby & Co.

Democracy is indeed precious and this book reminds us why. One we all ought to read (particularly now) and keep on our shelves to be re-read often.

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What is the Green New Deal?

Bobcat Fire - Los Angeles County- Los Angeles - Angeles National Forest - Wildfire

A few basics on something we’ve heard a lot about recently. What does it entail and is it likely to translate into policy?

The John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act of 2020

Edmund Pettus Bridge - Selma - Alabama - Civil Rights - John R. Lewis - John Lewis - Quinby & Co.

It’s critical to vote now more than ever before, which is what makes the passage of H.R. 4 so important. A closer look at the road to restoring the Voting Rights Act.

Portraits of American Music: Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan - Columbia Records - New York City - 1963 - The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan

What do Robert Johnson and Bob Dylan have in common? Much more than you might realize.

Adventure always awaits outside any four walls I can name.

Jude Moonlight

Quick Tips: Photo Albums

Andrea Pavlov - Plott Balsam Overlook - Blue Ridge Parkway - Smoky Mountains - Great Smoky Mountains National Park - North Carolina - Tennessee

A look at how going through our photos can create space in more than just our hard drive…

Marinara Sauce and the Beginner’s Mind

Ren Michael - Marinara - Quinby & Co.

At last! Ren Michael’s recipe for his homemade marinara sauce, the story behind it and why he makes it, featuring visions of Italy, and our curated playlist perfect for cooking a delicious meal.

I Saw A Film Today, Oh Boy!

We’re missing our movie theaters a little extra these days, so we decided to bring back this early piece from the vault. Here’s a look at the Academy Award Winner for Best Picture and a few extra thoughts on why (some) films need to be experienced in a theater. Enjoy.

Fresh Hibiscus Lemonade

Fresh - Hibiscus - Lemonade - Hibiscus Lemonade - Andrea Pavlov - Quinby & Co.

Andrea Pavlov’s quick recipe that makes for a great refreshment in the summertime heat.

My White (Latina) Privilege

A look at white privilege as a Latina and how colorism is a part of growing up in the Latin community.

Al & Dean: Bleeding and Breathing

They are American. My countrymen and women. And as such, an attack on them is an attack on me. That is what a country is, and if it isn’t…then it needs to be.”  

Apathy is the one-way ticket to tyranny.

J.L. Quinby

A Personal Statement

Ren Michael - Quinby & Co.

A statement from the editor-in-chief on race and music.

I Can’t Breathe

I’ve been told to believe in equality
but if that’s reality, it’s never been seen
when you see a color before a human being
and feel like a target every step up the street.


Canyons at Dawn

stepping out
from the canyons at dawn
the pain of the world’s
left him humbled and strong  

I believe that we, that this planet, hasn’t seen its Golden Age. Everybody says its finished … art’s finished, rock and roll is dead, God is dead. Fuck that! This is my chance in the world. I didn’t live back there in Mesopotamia, I wasn’t there in the Garden of Eden, I wasn’t there with Emperor Han, I’m right here right now and I want now to be the Golden Age …if only each generation would realise that the time for greatness is right now when they’re alive…the time to flower is now.

Patti Smith

Short Story: The Rain

A short story, which recalls a conversation between Jose Anselmo de la Cruz and Jude Moonlight, on the day Hurricane Irma hit the coast of Florida.

Portraits of American Music: Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson

A look into one of the most influential American artists of all time, and the legend that has surrounded his life for decades.


Travel Log: Breakfast in Vicksburg

After four days on the road, I reached the Mississippi river late in the morning before heading into the town of Vicksburg on its eastern bank. It’s known as a historical site of the Civil War, but I knew it as Willie Dixon’s hometown.”  

Quarantining Solo

This is all difficult for me to admit, and I honestly didn’t really take time to process much of the experience until the next day, after some much needed rest.

Triumph of the Imagination

A look at Walt Disney and the creating of new worlds.   


Facing Fear, One Page at a Time

I was told how much I’d enjoy The Shining.  I’d never seen the famous Stanley Kubrick movie, but after months of convincing I finally trusted that I might enjoy the book.”  

Travel Log: Texas Crossroads

I saw windmills in the distance obscured by thick morning fog, looking like ominous giants way out there watching me every step of the way. Dinosaurs on the move, born again and rising out of the Texas swamps.

A sketch…a world in flux

“It’s a near-complete circle, unfinished at the bottom where the shape begins and ends, as though painted in one swift, smooth brushstroke, left barely disconnected by the painter without any second thought.”

Dried Garbanzo Beans: Three Ways

“Cooking is my coping method. Not only does it keep me busy (sometimes for hours) but it brings me joy, makes me feel useful, and best of all, leaves me with a fridge full of good food to eat for days.”

Washing Our Hands

The COVID-19 outbreak leaves me with more questions than revelations about human nature. For one thing, I’m wondering what effect it will have on the world beyond people’s physical health or the global economy, and whether it will change the way we think. If so then how?

Travel Log: Petrified Forest National Park

“I’d get back there soon.  In the meantime, it would still be here.  Living and breathing under the same sun, beneath the same stars and moon.”


Portrait of a Chef #1

I spent a ridiculous amount of my young adult life questioning myself, living in a state of perpetual self-consciousness and eventually placing my self-worth in the hands of whoever I was in a relationship with at the time. In short, I had forgotten who I was.

A Billion Dollar Question

The New York Times sat down with each of the 2020 Democratic candidates a few months back and asked them the question: ‘Does anybody deserve to have a billion dollars?‘”

Little Dragon

His passion might have been in the martial arts, but Bruce Lee’s most constant ambition was to achieve worldwide superstardom in films. That surprised me to learn, though I didn’t know much about him anyway before reading the book by Matthew Polly, Bruce Lee: a life.

Fun with Al & Dean: Climate

Al and Dean are two old friends and neighbors who live across the street from one another. Every so often, they’ll get into a little discussion over things. What follows is one of their more recent conversations.

Critic at the Pulpit

We are not experts here, but we are passionate about telling good stories that resonate with people, about the tradition of telling stories and understanding why, since the dawn of man, we’ve even bothered to do it all.


Are we here?
Is everybody in? Is that working now.
Is it just me?
Do I type too fast? I am just?
to type
poem, for Kerouac

where to begin? Mozart

It even feels like a invitation when you listen, like someone welcoming you to a party on some crisp evening by the river, just as the sun sets and the stars begin to appear over the hills.” 

Travel Log: Orphan in Toledo

I might have even pictured myself as some valiant knight just once or twice, between every glimpse of medieval architecture as I walked the town’s narrow, labyrinthian alleyways.

Travel Log: Cambria Kicks

Like so much of that glorious Central California coastline so near and dear to my heart, it truly replenishes the soul.

I keep reading about your life
wanting to know more
and see, increasingly
how much one can learn
from you, by your example.


I’m going back to the land where I was born.

The Man Named Colombus






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