Mona Lisa Wheels

at my table
it’s a beautiful view
for in the cathedral of my mind, and
out across the highway
I’m seeing
of antiquity
the streets of Paris
the slopes of the Sierra
the state roads of the South
along the banks of the Mississippi
river, and the ol’ Rio

I’ve got a set of wheels
a complex machine
sings from within me
my horse and steed
we take this road together
unmatched, obscene
but sharp and clean
over lands unseen
our spirit redeemed

It’s you and me,
let’s begin again now
and tell the old stories
oh how I love you, my friend
my fortune
my glory

dig it
we’re too big for dreaming

Published by

Jude Moonlight

The story begins with a girl. She looks, casts one glance in the mirror and is gone no sooner than she arrives, her voice but a whisper echoing down the street, leaving the hero alone in the cold night wearing an old pair of boots, a Spanish knife in his pocket, a beat-up guitar strapped ‘cross his back and a rose in his ear. His name is Jude Moonlight. Not long ago, after leaving Death Valley, he released an album, which he called ‘My Mom Loves This Album’. He recorded it under a name we've all used before. It’s the one I’m using to write the book. Anyway Jude thinks he’s some kind of mystic. Always hanging out by old cathedrals and singing songs for St. Michael the Archangel, talking about the Devil being Man and God being a woman. He’s gone nuts if you ask me, ever since he went on that trip with Cal Corso. ~J.L. Quinby